Bruegel_IcarusShe opened the coffee table book and stopped at the reproduction of Bruegel’s “Landscape with the fall of Icarus”

He: Found something interesting?

She: Is it sunset or sunrise?

He, from the corner of his eye, handing her tea: More like sunset. What’s the difference? Who cares anyway?

Who Cares

The self-absorbed ploughman ploughs the bountiful soil

Expensive ship cruise the rocky shores: life’s at its height

The bemused shepherd muses: perfect day, no spoil

No one can care less when Icarus reaches twilight

The selfish fisherman lounges to fish on the sea shore

End of a journey: the sun does not shine so bright

Icarus’ legs clown like the legs of Belmer’s whores

Daedalus’ stellar son was not prepared for such a flight


Who Cares

The fantastiKarus must fall


He, taking the book of her hands and She not opposing resistance: You’re so absorbed!

She: Why doesn’t the fisherman fish him out?

He, dismissive: ’cause he’s long dead: heart attack, I guess

She: Broken heart

He: Suicide

She: Unbridled enthusiasm

He: Casualty of youth

She: Burnt out

He: Another idiot

She: Engulfed

He: A fool

She, vanquished: Who cares?

He, drying slowly a tear down her cheek with his index: Yes, the show must go on.


Who Cares

The seashell fragile Icarus must wreck


Wind beneath his wings, Icarus,

For a flash of enlightenment:


Flew so close the counterfeit sun

Downfall: the price for such a willful sin

Rebel without a cause, the reckless son

Must drown forever

The Fisher King watches the ship wings full blast

The benign sun smiles its anemic rays in the distance

Good shepherd Abel counts his sheep till last

Picaresque souls pry around for instant happenstance

Ploughman Cain tills his soul with acrimony

None could care less if they’d live

In harmony


She, intense with tears: But… I care, I care, I care

He, hands flying above his head: women are so e.motion.all!

She, flying at the door, leaving: Who cares?

Happy Heuristics

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