If Only Icarus…

If only Icarus were amongst us still
At the circus of the earth, he’d tell us
What it’s like at the circus
of the air. Above

At the circus below
Down there, I’d tell him: Icarus!
Earthbound, I clown with other
Wingless clowns
We pretend we can fly, we teach it
We pretend we take leaps of
Faith. The fact is, bird:
We’re afraid of flyin’

If only Icarus could tell us, clowns,
The winged existence he promised,
No point of no return deliverance,
We’d surely prepare our nest escape

Only in my dreams do I break free
from the tyranny of Gravity
in perfect celestial timin’
I’d catch the cosmic flyin’

Kairos: The Entry Point

But I wake up clownishly asleep
Icarus did not his promise keep

Mystificarusion…turning point

Wingless still, I’ll have to wing it

If only ‘carus were truly a bird,
Curse of curses I ceaselessly curse,
Aloft, he’d come back swiftly to
For a bird of the air shall carry
The voice
And that which hath wings shall tell
The matter

Happpy Heuristics

7 thoughts on “If Only Icarus…

  1. I will. It’s Icarus in particular I want to talk about. Don’t know where to start or what to say, or if email is a better place, but wherever. The concept interests me as you know, but now seems to be the time. btw, why not go into widgets and put up the “Follow me” one. Then I can very easily subscribe to receive emails of all new posts. I’m going into my confusing reader to subscribe, but it’s convenient for all the people that want to read your posts to be able to get them delivered via email. 😉

    Sounds like you have been busy lately, in life. There are posts you might want to read at my blog. A lot has changed. Hate to say that after I ignored your Icarus posts for so long, but I really want to learn about the myth now. Blah I am going on and on. Happy to have you in my corner, HH, and to be in yours, now.


    • Thanks, Jim. I was busy today. I’m slowly catching up with your posts though, but you are so prolific and mine are sparse and I am so slow and it’s 11 pm in Israel… Bah not interesting, is it?

      • Israel is very interesting. You guys are all crazy 😉 And timezones interest me too. But now mostly Icarus and your busy schedule. So thanks, and take your time. We will talk. You can count on it.


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