Guru Flu: Guru Marketers Kill Real Coaching


Following is from a  post  by Dave Buck on his blog at Coachville is one of the first Coach training Online course started by the now departed Thomas J. Leonard, an Icarus I might portray in Icaresques soon). Apart from being a call to action for “real Coaches”– because, truly, authentic coaches, more often than not, suck at self-promotion and need some training (the intended aim of Dave’s article); you, coachees (prospective) or chance visitors, can learn a lot about what coaching is not and therefore what “true” coaching can offer (in bold).  I leave it to Dave…



GURU FLU epidemic is killing coaches
Monday, 18 March 2013 20:07
Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 March 2013 22:21
Written by Dave
The situation: an epidemic of GURU FLU

The “Info Gurus” are KILLING our coaching profession.
And spreading an epidemic of GURU FLU!
This is no joke.

Here is how it happens…

They write a compelling marketing piece describing amazing results and personal transformation created by their program.

Then they allegedly “deliver” these amazing results and transformation by providing yammering webinars, teleclasses, videos and eBooks. And piling on $10,000 BOGUS (oh did I mean BONUS?) programs for $99 etc.

And they often call it a “Coaching Program” (this is the part that really gets me agitated!)
To them, coaching is a revenue stream at the bottom of a funnel and they sign up people in droves for “coaching” programs with NO REAL COACHING!

And the customer ends up with a wicked case of GURU FLU!

GURU FLU is when you participate in a guru program, listen to yammering mind-manipulating webinars, go to the ubiquitous “complimentary” pitch-fest live event (worth $997 of course!!), end up with no results and definitely no transformation BUT ASSUME it must be your fault because the information was so great and the Guru was so confident and entertaining. “And one or two people seemed to really do amazing things… so it must be me.”

Here’s a News Flash!
There is almost NO – ZIP – ZERO correlation between information and results!
Information does not create results. Period.
The gap between information and RESULTS in GINORMOUS!!!! (gigantic + enormous = Ginormous)

There is a NEGATIVE correlation between information and transformation!!!
In other words more information actually HINDERS transformation!

Guru YAMMERING webinars and $10,000 BOGUS programs for $99 will NEVER produce results or transformation for 99% of the participants.


To be fair, many of the Gurus mean well. However, they believe that information creates transformation, which it does not.
Secondly they THINK that coaching is telling people what to do and, quite frankly, that is the worst kind of coaching there is.

But the WORST PART of all of this is that their NO-COACH, NO-RESULT, NO TRANSFORMATION Coaching Programs are giving us REAL Coaches a BAD NAME!

I am agitated!



Today’s Fool’s Message: Damned if you do market yourself, damned if you don’t.

DamnedLe Chat Noir

Regretfully perishingly? but always obligingly yours,

Happy Heuristics

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