Blogging and Gamification

‘Something Fishy’ :Wordpress Theme of my Life

I like the theme I chose for my blog . It is really spot-on. I don’t know if it was my inanity with technology (accident) or providence but the first one I chose and thankfully quickly discarded, I remember, was quite ascetic. It’s as if something in me knew what was good for me and nudged me to the “something fishy” theme, as if to tell me, you think yourself so serious, not so. I only realized that this was exactly the liberating theme for me, when Nancy Shapiro at to me its potential in the following terms: “Michal! I love the theme you use…it is playful, light, and also an apt metaphor for coaching itself…fishing into the deep for what truly matters for each person.” My “daemon” and Nancy knew better.

Fishing for ideas

I feel in my element with this theme. Unlike a fish in a tank constrained by too much containment (erudition, for example), I feel free to swim in both calm and troubled waters, for water cannot hurt itself. The Blog-ocean with its ‘bio-diversity’ of sea creatures is an apt metaphor for its infinite reservoir of emotional intelligence and its emotionally intelligent sea creatures like dolphins or like, even, the somewhat dangerous jelly fish (or medusa echoing the fascinating Greek monster) populating it.

I also love the fishing metaphor with its overtones of autonomy and practicality in line (fishing line) with the proverb : “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”Very coachy.

Still in line with happy heuristics and fishing, the fisherwo/man (me and hopefully my readers) has an idea of what s/he is looking for, what she is seeking even though she only realizes as she discovers it . Does it apply to you?

There is also an element of seduction I hinted in the post with the feather fan dancer, here the bait:  the small cheerful worm at the end of the hook. Scroll down,That’s a bit fishy. Scroll up. Its willingness to be impaled baffles me! The little worm(still in search of a name for it) reminds me that optimal posts are best short for our hyperactive times.

Hooked by Gamification

Fishing is also an exercise in patience, a scarce virtue nowadays.  Many attempts (essays) are sometimes needed to ‘connect’, for the foremost reward of a ‘writer’ is, of course, to be read, or is it? I am not so sure anymore. I have to admit that I am as hooked as I want to hook you with my posts through wordpress gamification ploys. It really works on my motivation to produce more texts, more than I planned to, really. It’s even very addictive for me. When I get the orange light, contrasting perfectly with the big blue, at the top bar of my blog, what joy! The different symbols indicate that I have a like, a comment, a follow and the milestones of likes, follows, cups,  best days for visits. I sometimes feel that I am still chasing the rabbit again, especially when I compulsively keep on checking my stats. Oh I am not complaining, it’s fun. At worst, I am com-playn-ing, I com n’ play with WordPress. For that matter, I have even joined free online Gamification class to understand better my behavior. It seems that Gamification now participates in my writing process.

happy heuristics!

4 thoughts on “Blogging and Gamification

  1. Getting followers to comment is difficult. Meaningful comments that connect us are a rarity.Some people follow and drop out, the interest waning I suppose, or something else. As writers I think we crave both the kuddos and the constructive comments. A whole bunch of “likes” is nice but you know some folks just click the button on the reader without reading anything; where is the reward in that?
    The challenge is to find the readers you want to keep. Any suggestions? The reciprocity etiquette of bloggers is helpful ( one follow leads to another) but it is not enough.

    • Thanks for your trust and for taking the time to write a thoughtful and meaningful comment. I hope I will answer to your comment in kind.
      You wrote:”As writers I think we crave both the kuddos and the constructive comments. A whole bunch of “likes” is nice but you know some folks just click the button on the reader without reading anything; where is the reward in that?”

      You know, it’s more than 20 years I am writing, but my only audience until this blog was composed of a bunch of university professors whose only interest in my writing, for most, was to criticize me on my run-on sentences (I still do that), and my faulty grammar, though I romantically thought that originality was the thing. At the time, I was really disappointed by the left-brain comments by these eminent and for some, not all, original scholars. I have to hand them though, that a good “shop window” (still working on mine) makes people want to know what is beneath the veneer. So if it is through perfect grammar or gamification or whatnot , I don’t mind as long as don’t lower my standards and passion, to please. That I am recognized or stay obscure or more likely engulfed in the mass of writers , I’ll write no matter what anyway. I am a ‘graphomaniac’ as Amelie Nothomb would put it.
      Now, the law of reciprocity is very strong in gamification and there is something superficial and artificial to it that I want to understand, it’s still mysterious for me. Blogging is only one venue for connecting. Who knows where ‘redemption’ will come from, we have to keep at writing and in different formats. I find that blogging is a satisfactory venue for me to become more rejection proof though, a skill any creator has to muster to keep on.
      Do writers have to compromise? To that question I can only answer: Authenticity is an ideal and my continuous effort to achieve it is what matters most to me. but we are “human, all too human” (Nietzsche):
      We have to become more self-compassionate and compassionate.

      Take good care,

      Happy heuristics

    • Awesome “Heuro”. I award you Jim from the RFB the Relevant-Namefinder-for- Worm- at- happyheuristics Award ( I told you I’ll remember). And the prize is: the privilege to keep this name for a whole year or until someone comes up with a better name for it. =D>
      Thanks for reminding me to lighten up. 😉

      Happy Heuristics

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