Jeb Corliss: A Lesson in Flying?

Disclaimer: may be disturbing for some viewers

Is Jeb Corliss suicidal? From the fate of his professional adventurers mates who were less lucky than he, I am inclined to say “yes”, I admit. However, in this video where Jeb tells on TedX about his brush with death and what he learned from it, he makes some very important points that picked my interest as a coach:

About fear:  he attributes his nearly fatal accident to a loss of respect for the gift of fear “ I’d lost respect for the mountain and I’d lost respect for fear”. His argument about his progressive training from tandem sky diving to solo to even greater challenges is quite convincing about the harnessing of fear.

– He is less convincing though about luck and experience: I like the metaphor with the luck jar and the experience jar, but as there is no way of knowing how much luck is going to be transferred from the luck jar to the experience jar, at least for the professional adventurer, again moderation is advisable.

about passion: where he is the most interesting is when he talks about passion: he won’t let fear stand between himself and his dreams, while at the same time work towards creating the safest conditions. His passion is turning his dreams into reality. Music to my ears, of course. Luckily, not everyone shares his weird passions, as he himself proclaims.

I agree with him on this point: it is not either passion/adventure or safety, the challenge it is to find both safety and passion in our life by turning our dreams into reality. No fear-based philosophy will bring satisfaction in our life: passion is the call of the soul to activate our rightful destiny.

2 thoughts on “Jeb Corliss: A Lesson in Flying?

  1. u know he’s still the flip-side off woody allen.. even after I slept on the notion 😉

    of course that makes his bravery a more poignant point…done in the face of existential terror?

    and this illustrates sooo well the 2 approaches to look at passion, first the kind in love and life that is a motivation. normal everyday energy and love 4 a thing. but the other kind is the kabbalah-esque or enneagram use of passion as… a soul-clutching defense, an energy that is adopted and used too fight the human sense of disconnection from the source. like envy that certain infants begin 2 feel long before talking, or the “passion” of fear that pangs at the toddler heart and demands freeze, fly, or fight.

    Jeb fights, woody flies, and both, for a second first, freeze in thought.

    littl known fact.
    beautiful post.


  2. Thanks j. I begin 2 see what you mean, now. Both are no-fear types: one, the woody Allen type, by shying away from risk taking and any situation of danger; the other by flying away from fear faster than his fear. Are you making any reference to articles (transpersonal/enneagram) from your blog?

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