2 thoughts on “Happy Heuristics: Commander Chris Hadfield’s Space Oddity Farewell

  1. odd spaces, major.

    one hand reaches down,
    but down
    is now so far.
    down no is now no longer there.

    And so far up has become strange
    to me
    when I float
    places so far away from you

    and everything I wanted is just
    sitting there
    laid out
    through port-holes and spread vast and rounding out

    a plan I had that could have propelled me
    to heaven
    had I dared.
    but heavenly ladders have odd spaces between rungs

    and long space between homes
    in places
    that nobody in warm places ever goes anymore

    And nobody grounded, visits again,
    their feet
    trunk strong
    and roots allow for them a strange leaning back,

    and ground-beings
    see me flounder back to the heavens, blinding
    wide open heaven, a call back home sweet
    the tone

    a call back to all loves.
    back, warm
    again and
    back to you. all that I love and know.

    dedicating this 2 u HH 😉

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