The Immaterial Icarus: Yves Klein


klein_le peintre de l'espace se jette dans le vide

“L’Art C’Est La Santé”

Dying of ridicule, you, Yves, Prince of the void? I suppose this is only a neo-romantic critic’s invention
After Mondo Cane ridiculation: “you are a charlatan”; that should have been enough for infarction
But it took 3 typological fairy tale heart attacks to do you in:
You would have never renounced to ride your Time Machine
Dog’s world or Dante’s
For “l’art c’est la santé”

Despite your rigorous martial arts training, worthy of astronaut royalty, you’d never hurt a fly
“ Prepare for your own voyage to the moon, for obliteration looms in immaterial fluttering by”
The pranks of Gualtiero Jacopetti whose only celebrity was your demise,
His world devoid of any poetry, could never extinguish your fiery promise
Dog’s world or Dante’s
For “l’art c’est la santé”

If others took the plunge into the fire, you took the leap into the void, Yves Klein, socialite recluse
Infinity through elemental ultimate finitude was your monomania, painting only a hereditary excuse
Your straight laced businessman costumes hid your inner canvas politics
I’d say: “after Klein’s showmanship shamanism legacy: only charlatan antics”
Dog’s world or Dante’s
For “l’art c’est la santé”

Yet in your flamboyant innocence, not spite, you thought you could ride the cart at will
Re-substantiate this one more time, but none as yet could thus taunt Fortune’s wheel:
Without a kingdom, King of the immaterial, in greyish vomit you lay
Your earthly monochrome reign is done, but count on ethereal overlay
Dog’s world or Dante’s
For “l’art c’est la santé”

Your quest for absolute un-substantiation, the Infinite, was akin to the greatest mystics’ acts
You forgot to close the pentagram: threshold, all the forces of evil rushed in, only ready to infract
And the laws of nature– time, space and existence– took back their right
And coronaryly, with only a spark from Infinity, you fell from a great height
Dog’s world or Dante’s
“L’art c’est encore et toujours la santé”

Pentagram Choke Submission

Happy Heuristics

2 thoughts on “The Immaterial Icarus: Yves Klein

  1. A great deal to digest. And the Pantagram Choke Submission? Not a wrestler, but consider the moves and counter-moves in just that one hold!

    Do you think art breeds life? But in the form of all “creativity” in general? the good wife, or a child in a sandbox…an artist maybe, working out internal knots and conflict through the encryption of poetry, or cooking or dance?

    Interesting. Causal. Like creativity–unhindered expression, or curiosity, or organizational skills, or even beautifying ourselves… perhaps that creativity, born from abundance, not deficiency (maslow) is the heuristic for the next shade of understanding. Basically…. imagine. do. learn. broaden imagination. do greater. learn deep and broad, imagine beyond borders… and so on. like a progression up a scale.

    Too much to think about ! Thanks again Michal. I sat with this open for a few hours chewing. Bad habit chewing with my mouth open. 😉


  2. I’m glad this post inspired you: I really like what you wrote about creativity. The passion to create has no borders (poetry, cooking, dance, organizational skills, beautifying ourselves…) Yeah, Jim, it’s all heuristics through abundance! 😉 I believe we can become conduits through which ‘spirit’ as a wellspring of inspiration for others, alive and beyond physical death, passes into the world. That’s what I feel, at least, with Yves Klein. It’s never his IKB blue that I contemplate but the soul that contemplated,meditated. I make sure I close the pentagram though 😉
    Once I blurted (unawares!!!!) to an acquaintance who was struggling with time management ” I have all the time in the world: I work for Eternity” A bit grandiose, I admit, but Klein did it (beyond his 32 years of life) so why not?

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