The Feminist Icarista: Ana Mendieta

Last Silueta

You fell into the pit of Cuban revolution, first exodus

And you were told: “it’s no good lingering over the pit

In war anything and everything goes, if you want to fit”

Peripheral excavating of thy heritage wills your uprising

 Pedro Pan girl in American exile, won’t states’ plaything


Earth-body work, you merge, a seventies bird ready to fledgeTree of life _ana Mendieta

     Feminist Forbidden fruits emerge thy Tree of life Camouflage

L-shaped arms raised, the union of sacrificial sky and earth

Blood new Eves’ Santeria Rites of perpetual death and rebirth


silueta_Ana Mendieta Until you marry with the Titan minimalist desire imbued 

Right angled arms raised, in worship or reddish surrender

Fledgling angel, in the air hang the workings of evil

Next exile, of the soul, passion’s muddy wed upheaval


At 34th floor, 36, you plan performance art, ethereal topography,

With wronged angle Arms raised, in worship or angelic surrender,

Ground, sole witness, its vanishing point, downward trajectory

Thy last silueta lingers in the incommensurable sky, for a few seconds,

Forever in exile

Silueta Series_Ana Mendieta

All Photos from

Some photos and films of Mendieta can be disturbing!

Happy Heuristics

4 thoughts on “The Feminist Icarista: Ana Mendieta

  1. You wondered if you were a poet a few posts back, a legitimate question. Smart and skilled, and wanting to write make it an essential question maybe. Which touches on “need”. You speak other styles to get your thoughts out, but I think poetry is a language that fits, and is needed.

    I like your crafting.

    • Thank you, Jim. I use poetry (or collage) when someone or a situation fires my imagination and too many elements are missing to write an erudite essay — when I think by feeling or…when I obsess/monomania 🙂 . So I’d say yes, ” I think poetry is a language that fits, and is needed”.


      • Michal, I’m convinced if God suffered our human electrical storms of the mind, He would write poetry too. And I suppose it can be argued he did. Monomania haha… I like to share my manias

  2. Haha It’s all holographic!
    I also like to share my serial monomanias and I like it, Jim, when you share your own manias. That’s all today for the MAS (mutual appreciation society). 🙂

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