Visualization: An Art of Conjuration

A Little Methodology on Heuristics

I’m not the type, it’s not my style, to give motivational or inspirational quotes or videos. It’s a pity, because I would get more readers. If I do concede (not condescend) to do so, though, it shall mostly be along another quote, pic or video (minimally, burgeoning and bifurcating tags), the two somewhat clashing with each other: in seeming dialectic. The initial objective is not so much to ponder or mull over, than get a flash of insight from the juxtaposition of “documents”, as if out of the blue, from the first reading, like a koan or other paradox may conjure up: one heuristic methodology to get some insight, some experience of synchronicity or to discover our strange attractors and learn from them (post on strange attractors coming soon). It is only after the initial encounter, the occasion to refresh some old pearls of wisdom and give them back all their sheen and patina through a heuristic inquiry. However, this time, I am going to make a little exception (or am I, really?).

Competition Nerves: From Competition to Self-Development

Below is a video of the legendary, perfect 10, Nadia Comaneci. In this 2009 Video she briefly “coaches” her compatriot Ana Porgras, the rising star then of gymnastics:

Nadia Comaneci Interview – 2009 Worlds London

At about 2.45 min.

I asked her: “Do you remember what was the best routine you’ve done during training?”

And she said: “yes.” “This is the one you have to do today. You don’t have to do more or less than you know.”

You Are Already a Perfect 10

What I like about Nadia’s simple but not simplistic heuristic, besides its being based on (years of) experience, is that it is not only aimed at the outstanding athlete but anyone can benefit from it, from where s/he is; for a job interview, speaking event, exam, any type of momentous sale of oneself (to oneself as well btw), really. It’s honest, based on the experience and assessment of previous work, where we did our best, were at our best, and I believe everyone had such moments: only you know. Great confidence comes from the seeds we know we have sown.  Then kairos: serendipity happens.

Conjuring Up Memories

Driving Test: Test Drive

I remember having one such glorious happening using a similar heuristic for earning my driving licence, even before I graduated as a coach. I was nervous; really a nervous wreck. Hardly slept the night before. Not having it first time, right here right now, in my mid-thirties would have been a real bummer: all the admin to go through again and waiting time duh…; especially that I had a baby to look after and lived, then, in a very isolated village in the desert. Driving was so loaded with imagery of possibility and independence while looking after my baby… quite different from when I was in Paris with the Metro, or even an early trauma involving driving.

We do not learn; and what we call learning is only a process of recollection. Plato

Remember your future. Rabbi Nachman of Breslav.

Femme a l'enfant The funny thing is that my memory did not conjure up my best performance at driving but in painting, in terms of experience rather than skill, some 10 years before, a real state of grace. I just transposed it to the dreaded situation and everything went really like a charm, against all odds, in the mad traffic, in Jerusalem. The power of imagination. The young woman, with me in the car for the test, asked to go first. I would have liked to go first myself to shorten the excruciating wait before the ordeal but did not oppose, to the contrary: please, be my guest, I surprised myself.  This woman did so badly that it gave me the advantage in case, cruel, quotas for passing were applied (at least one person has to pass). Also, after her go, we moved away from the bulk of traffic which gave me some time to adjust to the road before we hit the bad traffic and crazy driving again. Another conjuration of fond memory. I displayed such concentration, such focus, such composure-Who was that? Yoo-hoo! The power of visualization to make you change state (here from nervous wreck to poise and even bliss) is incredible, so it is for diagnosis of what is holding you back, for retrieving fond memories– buried deep, sometimes, in your inner treasure trove– for sustaining enthusiasm, for healing, for self-discovery, you name it. The process engages your emotional apparatus fully. The experience and process is far more than mere motivation dispensed to you by an inspirational speaker or positive thinking affirmations brainwashing. If it does not strike a nerve (pleasure but also pain: if you cry and smile or laugh at the same time, wow!) in imagination, from memory and speak to your own experience, you won’t be able to make this experience yours and move through. I believe a great inspirational speaker/(self )coach helps you make the connection(s), even spark a moment of recollection (a la Plato), by which you can remember your future (a la Rabbi Nachman of Braslav).

Today’s Fool’s Message

You’ve been there, you’ve done that.

Don’t forget to journal and keep a record of the experience and review and practice often, for you will probably be challenged at a higher level next time.

 Happy Heuristics

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