The Grand Perhaps


Be aware, the La-

conic Sage in-


The Path.

Is that all it takes?

Fair and square.


What they seemed to be

Things ain’t. Unaware,

through trans-

parents’ eyelids

Fair, life ain’t:

square one

Beware The Path:

conscience is

the ransom

of conscious-

ness expansion

It hurts

life ain’t fair,

fair and square.

But take heart, my friend

the game of ‘Who

Loses Wins’ perhaps’

worth it

in The Long Run

if you stop faking

Goodness! sooner

rather than later,

The Farce: fair and square.

What you take

too much

to heart taints

unfair, life ain’t

square and fair

Square one

Free will or won’t

Life ain’t fair

The Path ain’t

for the faint

Of heart.

Fair and square.

What they seem to be

Things still ain’t. Aware,

through trans-

parent eyelids

unfair, life ain’t.

Pray, set your eyes on

The Grand Perhaps

Fair and square.
Happy Heuristics
image credits :

Image of a fluorescently-labeled growth cone extending from an axon F-actin (red) microtubules(green)

Today’s Fool’s Message

‘…wisdom entereth not into a malicious mind, and science [and consciousness] without conscience is but the ruin of the soul.’ François Rabelais

2 thoughts on “The Grand Perhaps

  1. En volutes, en arabesques, dans toutes les formes aleatoires, rien n’est simple et le chemin ne va jamais tout droit!
    J’aime beaucoup la verite dans”What you take too much to heart taints…” et bien sur l’ambiguite des cesures. Clever girl!

    • The impetus for the poem was “The path ain’t for the faint of heart” and I got to “What you take too much to heart taints…” et autre crise(s) de conscience… Merci pour ton commentaire.

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