Michal Skelker has an original style of coaching that is bold and direct.  I believe her direct approach is rooted in a strong desire to very quickly go deep into a client’s issues versus working on the surface level.  She can precisely peel back the layers of an issue, exposing the true heart of the matter.  Michal is not afraid to take risks and give bold feedback designed to help her clients achieve new levels of awareness and shift their perspectives. Her diverse knowledge base allows her to share many new ideas, approaches, and resources with her clients. She is also intuitive and has shared insightful perspectives with me about my life that proved relevant and helpful. Michal provided me with creative exercises and was fearless about experimenting with new ideas and techniques.  Those who are willing to go on a bold and rewarding coaching journey will appreciate Michal’s unique and courageous style.

 Cindi in Lewes, Delaware

Certified Professional Life Coach, Writer & Photographer

Michal has a singularly gentle touch with a no-nonsense approach. Some time ago, I had a series of sessions with her to get over my fear of exams. Thanks to her careful listening and gentle probing we came to realize that there were a number of underlying self -images that were at the root cause of this block.
 There were many “aha” moments in my dialogues with Michal.  There is a sense of total honesty in each session. My shifts in perspective have allowed me to move away from my fear of tests and – although some years have past – the results continue to benefit me today. I have much success to attribute to my time with Michal. Can’t thank her enough!
Sonja L. Ontario Canada

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