In this section you’ll find great heuristics and the heuristic lexicon as resources for your learning, experiments and explorations.

Happy Heuristics:

Pseudo-scientific equation: active receptivity+ heightened sensibility (relaxed state) + curiosity in the tentative expectation of experiencing synchronicity+ ACTION (for example,using a heuristic modality)= a happy heuristic instance. Many such instances every day= a life lived to the full. See also Happy Heuristics attitude.

It’ s All Heuristics! It is Only A Heuristic. : the motto which sums up the spirit of this blog. See Happy Heuristics, Happy Heuristics Attitude.

Happy Heuristics Attitude

Everything around us can be a source of wonder, awe and enchantment. Boredom ,void and even ennui are not a curse but rather an invitation to develop one’s imagination, creativity and resourcefulness and experience the joy of self-discovery.

Self-development’s end is not excellence, achievement, productivity, success or happiness but rather a desire to become the best we can be. Both journey and destination are important but destination is only a provisional means to self-realization, the highest goal or purpose, that everyone has to discover and pursue in one’s own unique, original way.

We can experience through our intuition that we are on the right track: there exists an alignment between our inside world of images, memories and wishes and the outside world of reality. The experience of a happy heuristic can happen during or after a session of meditation, prayer, creative visualization, a dream or other creative brain modalities or through an encounter with another person, a book, a trivial occurrence, incident or thought, even, that intrigues us  enough to allow it to take us where it wants to. So no need to go and hug trees unless we do want to . Opportunities for happy heuristics are everywhere. This wandering attitude and readiness for happenstance is the essence of wondering and experiencing happy heuristics. See: It’s all Heuristics, Happy Heuristics, Heuristic manifesto.

Heuristic Manifesto: In preparation. In Hebrew a manifesto translates as ” I believe” with the list of beliefs following. Belief is rooted in experience. If ‘these ‘beliefs’ seem  unique to us and therefore utterly subjective, the assumption, and experience as well, is that they, in fact, reflect some experience shared by many. This being said, we should not be made prisoner to our own manifesto.  It would be interesting to compare notes.

Heuristic Modalities

“Mostly right-brain” heuristics: dreamwork, creative visualization, intuitive collage/ painting/ drawing/ writing, automatic writing, storytelling, heuristic texts, meditation, prayer, associative/metaphoric cards, role play etc… . In fact, any heuristic that uses images/metaphors for self-understanding and awareness, language shared by all these modalities, with dreams as the paradigm for this language . See post

“Left-brain” heuristics: found mainly in self-help books

Both left and right: paradoxes, union of opposites, coaching dialogue.

Heuristic Inquiry

Happy Heuristics Resources

Good Pseudo-scientific equations: Often used as metaphors to explain or rather evoke something that cannot be understood logically, that science does not have yet a proof for, or only a partial one. But absence of proof is not proof of absence. For example, right brain + Left brain = whole brain. See Coaching with right brain modalities.

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Happy Heuristics

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