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I am always in search of new self-development heuristics in order to stimulate growth in new ways and for different learning styles. By its interactive nature, Blogging is dynamic, organic and conducive of dialogue and sharing resources. After 2 months of experimenting with this heuristic process (blogging) and reading other blogs, I’ve also come to realize the power of togetherness and community building. That’s why I have decided to put this page at the disposal of anyone chancing upon it. This can be a great place to share your best heuristics. You can do it as an anecdote or as an exercise for people to experiment with and refer back to your own blog or website. Below I have shared a website full of them and books about creativity heuristics that have informed and greatly enriched my work. From now on, I will leave a reply to this very page, when sharing some other useful heuristics resources for self-development.

Happy Heuristics! Very thorough, synthetic, no-nonsense website on self-development (and business), both personal/professional, interpersonal and even transpersonal /spiritual. Its approach may appear a bit dry for the most spiritually inclined among us, but let’s hang on with a happy heuristics attitude, on this generous mine of knowledge and open free resources in the field, providing lots of templates, strategies, methods, techniques etc…, for our heuristic inquiries.  As for the more pragmatic among us, it does not preclude us from taking our journey of self-discovery and find our own heuristics. I wish they’ll be “happy”. My endorsement of this website, here, comes as a paying forward for its amazing generosity that I wish to emulate.

The very first book, I read on creativity and writing. A very good balance between theory and practice. This creativity and writing expert’s books have the power to transform your life!

Ned Herrmann. Creativity  and whole brain expert.  Sometimes a little bit too left-brain.

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